Since September 2008, every child who attends an Ofsted registered childcare provider has been able to take advantage of this new framework for learning, development and care for children from birth to five.

The Early Years Foundation Stage has been developed with parents, carers, early years experts and childcare providers as a play based approach to learning and development. The EYFS approach ensures that the child is at the centre of learning and the people that work with your child can pick up on their interests and develop activities specifically for them so they develop at their own pace.

By observing their play, taking photographs and making a note of what interests them, practitioners can share these observations with parents through the child’s “Learning Journey” so parents become fully involved in their child’s learning. Getting involved and talking to your child’s key person at nursery helps the staff know your child and aids their development.

You can look at your child’s Learning Journey at any time. It will tell you what your child is learning, how they are developing, what their interests are and how staff build on these. You can extend this learning at home if you wish and the staff will fully support you and encourage you to add photographs and observations from home. The nursery will hold regular parents’ evenings to provide you with the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with his/her key person.

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