Kaleidoscope is committed to ensuring that we nurture your child’s potential in every aspect of their development and this includes making sure they are fully prepared for the transition to school.

Like schools, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and we gradually introduce the children to subject based learning through a variety of play based activities. We do not have a strict routine in the pre-school rooms but plan to the child’s own interests as we know that this is how they learn best. A question asked by a child in circle time may lead to a wealth of learning opportunities in many areas so we ensure that children have the time to talk and be listened to.

By providing continuous provision of activities, the children can make choices as to what they want to work on because children learn through play and play is their work. The pre-school rooms are colourful, attractive and stimulating, set out with different areas of provision – home corner, role play area, creative area, number world including computers, mark making areas, small world play and construction, as well as quiet areas for rest and/or reading.

When we think back to our childhood experiences we value the importance of outdoor learning so we have created safe and secure “free-flow” play areas where your child can choose indoor or outdoor play, whatever the weather! For more information about the EYFS, please click (here).