At Kaleidoscope we recognise that parents are their child’s main educators and we want to work in partnership with you so you are happy with the care we provide for your child.

We believe that an open access policy is the best way of encouraging participation so we welcome parents in to nursery at any time.

Parents/carers are welcome to view our Compliance Manual which sets out how we comply with the Statutory Framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage. It is available at any time that we are open simply by asking the setting manager. We also provide parents with a Parent’s Handbook which is a concise version of the Compliance Manual with relevant policies and procedures. This is available electronically.

Good communication links between nursery staff and parents / carers are essential to your child’s well being and on the settling in visits parents are offered a daily diary which can be used to share information between home and nursery. Daily, face to face communication with your child’s key person or second will ensure that all relevant information is acted on and passed to other staff where necessary. Ongoing information e.g. newsletters, events and nursery updates are shared through parents’ boards, electronically and in paper version. We undertake regular surveys and hope that parents will get involved in nursery life by becoming a member of one of our thriving parent committees. The committees help to organise social events, fun days and information evenings and we hold 2 parents evenings a year so you can have one to one time with your child’s key person to discuss your child’s progress and to view the learning journey.