For all the love and care you have shown my daughter we are so grateful. It’s been lovely watching her development and how much she loves nursery. Thank you also for the help and guidance you have given us so we can build on the great start you have given her.”
Baby Room Parent – Morley Nursery

The learning journey is fabulous. I love it and can’t wait to share it with his relatives – it really shows how he enjoys and learns at nursery.”
Toddler parent – Drighlington Nursery

It’s difficult to find the words to convey the level of appreciation felt in relation to taking care of something as valuable as your own child but I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for the excellent care you have given my son over the last four years and the contribution you have all provided in helping us shape him into the lovely young boy he is turning out to be.”
Pre-school Parent – Morley Nursery

It’s great to see Harry so happy in the baby room. Because he is happy I can be “me” at work again.”
Baby Room Parent – Gildersome Nursery

I felt guilty leaving Ellie at first but she has settled and made so many friends. I don’t know what she’ll do at school but I know it won’t be as much fun as here.”
Pre-school parent – Drighlington Nursery

With KOOSH clubs, I never feel I am sending Jack somewhere he does not want to go – he insists It’s like having lots and lots of brothers and sisters to play with
KOOSH parent – Hilltop KOOSH Club

Your security systems and policies are fantastic. It’s a huge weight off my mind knowing how safe you keep my child whilst I can’t be there.”
Pre-school parent – Morley Nursery

Thank you for making Leila’s time at nursery so enjoyable. I know she will miss the friends she has made – I have and I will continue to recommend the nursery to any prospective parents.
Pre-school parent – Drighlington Nursery

KOOSH club stops me feeling guilty about working during school holidays…. Charlotte’s been on some amazing visits“.
KOOSH parent – Park Grove KOOSH Club

I was a bit nervous leaving my son who is only 20 weeks old but I found the fact that I could call at any time reassuring. The staff worked really hard to put my mind at ease and create a family atmosphere.”
Baby Room Parent – Gildersome Nursery

Kaleidoscope has been a real aid for me as a working mother; first my son and then my daughter have been attending for three years now. It has become as important as school to us and I think it is great for them to mix with children their own age as much as possible“.
Toddler and pre-school parent – Morley Nursery