The children decided that once they got to school they were too old to be associated with nursery so we changed the name to KOOSH clubs (Kaleidoscope Out Of School Hours).

The emphasis at KOOSH clubs is mainly on recreation and developing social and creative skills rather than academic ones. Children are often tired after a school day and may just want to relax and have fun.

Just like us, they need their holidays too and we ensure that we take children on lots of trips such as to the cinema, ten pin bowling, and even to the seaside in our Kaleidoscope mini buses. We involve the children in all aspects of the clubs from suggesting and planning activities to helping us make tea.

In this way, the children develop both independence and team work skills. KOOSH clubs also create their own rules (with adult guidance) so that children have “ownership” of their club.

Children “vote with their feet” at KOOSH clubs and holiday places have to be booked 6 weeks in advance to be sure of getting a place.