Through observing children at play we can see how they are learning and plan for their individual needs to nurture their potential.

Observations and pictures of your child’s progress are recorded in the learning journey and no opportunity is missed to celebrate their achievements at nursery.
Kaleidoscope is genuinely “family centred”, recognising that parents are the child’s main educators. We aim to work in partnership with home, sharing parental knowledge and expertise and providing opportunities for recording progress together through each child’s learning journey.

You can look at your child’s ‘Learning Journey’ at any time. It will tell you what your child is learning, how they are developing, what their interests are and how practitioners build on these. You can extend this learning at home if you wish and your child’s key person will fully support you and encourage you to add photographs and observations from home. The nursery will hold regular parents’ evenings to provide you with the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with his/her key person.