We know how important it is for you to have someone that really knows your child at nursery so before your child’s first day you will be introduced to a ‘key person’ to develop this bond with.

The key person will get to know all the special details of how you care for your child to help them feel special, cherished, able to express themselves fully and to feel confident that they matter and have value. This will give them the confidence to try new things and the key person will help your child build relationships with other adults and children in the setting.

Your key person will build a special relationship with you and your child giving them a safe, secure and consistent base to return to, physically or emotionally, when they need to.

The key person will usually be the one to soothe, feed and change your child and is in the best position to understand their needs and to share information with you about their day at nursery. The key person will be responsible for your child’s learning journey, observing them in their play so activities can be planned to your child’s own interests