Good nutrition is vital to a child’s physical and mental development and the food they eat affects every aspect of their well-being.

Kaleidoscope menus are balanced by carefully planning the nutritional content using Food Standards Agency guidelines. We source fresh, local produce wherever possible which supports our local suppliers and our carbon footprint.

We prepare home-cooked, delicious meals & snacks and encourage the children to try all sorts of food including unusual dishes such as Moroccan cous-cous and Oriental stir-fry. Fresh fruit and vegetables are offered daily and we avoid heavily processed food. Water is essential to good health and is offered freely throughout the day.

We encourage the children to learn about food through baking and cooking activities and ensure that mealtimes are happy, social occasions for children and staff alike. Eating together encourages even the fussiest of eaters to try food they may not eat at home. Special diets are no problem whether for reasons of health or belief and we offer an alternative menu when necessary.

Download our Sample Menu