Childcare costs vary considerably according to where you live, the type and amount of childcare you choose and your child’s age so it is important to know what you want and what you can realistically afford to pay per month.

Please contact your local Kaleidoscope manager for details of current fees.

Kaleidoscope Nurseries


High quality childcare is expensive but you may be eligible for financial help with childcare costs dependant on your circumstances.

Free places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds
Kaleidoscope offers a high standard of education comparable to that offered by school nurseries and Free Educational Entitlement (FEE) can be claimed by us on your behalf. Funding is available from the term after your child’s third birthday until your child starts full time school and could be worth up to 15 hours childcare per week. There are also free nursery sessions for eligible 2 year olds, dependant on your circumstances and availability of places. Contact your local Kaleidoscope manager for further information regarding funding.

Tax Credits
Dependant on your circumstances, families with children may be able to claim Tax Credits. Help is awarded on a sliding scale so the less you earn, the more you may be able to claim. For further information and to see if you are eligible use the tax credits calculator at

Childcare Vouchers
If you are working, your employer may be able to help further by offering childcare vouchers through a salary sacrifice scheme. Both working parents can join this scheme but there is a limit to how much of your individual salary you can sacrifice. The amount you decide per month is paid to you in childcare vouchers that you can pay all or part of your childcare costs with. The vouchers do not attract any tax or national insurance so your gross salary will be reduced by the amount of vouchers you request and your tax and national insurance contributions will be recalculated based on this reduced gross salary, effectively saving you money. Kaleidoscope accepts all type of childcare vouchers for both nursery and KOOSH fees. For further information on this scheme contact your local Kaleidoscope manager.