Babies are so precious and need gentle, loving care in their first years. We provide self-contained baby rooms to allow an especially high staffing ratio and continuity of care for the very young. Space and freedom to crawl, climb, stretch and toddle are so important in the very early years and from birth, children are competent and capable, with an incredible curiosity.

We build upon this by offering very young children the opportunity to explore and experiment with natural and man made resources in a safe and comforting environment.

Our baby rooms are warm and cosy with comfy sofas and cushions just like at home. We provide separate rooms or areas for babies to sleep in and lots of carpeted areas for them to crawl and explore. Our staff understand how babies learn by repeating patterns of behaviour and we all know how they love to babble, chatter and experiment with new sounds.

We don’t have a set routine in the baby rooms but through close partnership with parents the key person will get to know your baby’s likes and dislikes and what you do at home. Our baby room staff are kind, patient and have a genuine love of the job showing a real interest in every baby as an individual.